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DID YOU KNOW... that an African American man named Lewis Latimer who worked with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell drew up the plans for Bell's first telephone?
If you did, you are probably among the fortunate few who possess such knowledge. It is a fact that has not been well publicized. There are countless inventions by African Americans and they cover everything from food processing to electrical technology. The inventions by African Americans point out the contributions that African Americans have made to the comfort and advancement of mankind. The following are some inventions by African Americans.

America's Hi-Tech "Invisible Man"

Patricia E. Bath was the inventor of the laser eye surgery technique now widely used. In fact, she is the only African American woman doctor to ever receive a medical patent.

Frederick Jones invented the air conditioner unit and the automatic refrigeration system for long-haul trucks.

J.W. Smith invented the lawn sprinkler.

Sarah Boone invented the ironing board.

Jan Matzeliger invented the shoe-lasting machine (for attaching 
soles on shoes in Lynn, Mass. His invention revolutionized the shoe industry.

Lydia Newman invented the hair brush.

L.P. Ray invented the dust mop.

Thomas W. Stewart invented the mop.

John Love invented the pencil sharpener.

Lee Burridge invented the typewriter.

John Burr invented the lawnmower.

Garrett Morgan invented the traffic light.

John Standard took out a patent on an improved refrigerating device... the refrigerator.

Alice Parker invented the heating furnace.

Alexander Miles invented major improvements to the elevator.

Dr. Charles Drew invented a way to store blood and then created the first blood bank.

M.A. Cherry invented the tricycle.

Major Robert H. Lawrence was the first African American astronaut chosen 
to make a journey to the moon. He had a doctoral degree in Chemistry 
and would have made one of the first lunar  trips, but he died in the crash 
of an Air Force F-104 jet at Edwards Air Force Base, CA in 1968.

Ernest E. Just was the first biologist to receive the Springarn Medal. He received distinction in his field through his research on egg fertilization and the functioning of cells.

Harold D. West was the first person to synthesize the amino acid threonine in the laboratory.

Dr. William Hinton devised a test to determine syphilis.

Andrew Bryan was the first African American pastor, ordained in 1788.

Constance B. Motley was the first African American female appointed as a Federal Judge in 1966.

Barbara Watson Federal was the first African American and first female to serve as Asst. Secretary of State.
She held her post in 1974.

Bernice Gaines Hughes was the first African American female to obtain the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Alonzo Pietro (known as "il Negro") was one of Columbus' navigators on his first voyage to America in 1492.


More Inventors

1st Lt Stephen Swails 
A. Philip Randolph
Adam Clayton  Powell Jr.
Ahmed Baba
Alaine Locke
Alexander Dumas
Alexander Pushkin
Arthur A. Schomburg
Benjamin Oliver Davis, Jr.
Bishop Richard Allen
Black Reconstruction Congress
Capt. Erwin B. Lawrence
Carol Mosley
Charles Clinton Spaulding
Clarence Harris
Colin L. Powell
Colonel Charles A. Young
Colonel Guion Bluford
Daniel Hale Williams
Dr. Benjamin S. Carson
Dr. Carter G. Woodson
Dr. George R. Carruthers
Dr. Katherine G. Johnson
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. W. E. B. Dubois
Duke Ellington
Elijah McCoy
Ethel Waters
Fanny M. Coppin
Francois Louveture
Fredrick Douglas
Granville T. Woods
Gwendolyn Brooks
Harriet R. Tubman
Ida B. Wells
Jackie Robinson
James Baldwin
James Forten
James Weldon Johnson
Jesse Owens
John B. Russwurm
John H. Johnson
John Henry Lawson
Joseph Barrow Louis
Joseph Cinque

Langston Hughes
Lawrence Douglas Wilder
Leontyne Price

Lorraine Hansberry
Lt. Col Alexandra Augusta
Mae Jemison
Maggie Lena Walker
Mahalia Jackson
Major Martin Delaney
Malcolm X
Marcus M. Garvey
Marian Anderson
Mary McLeod Bethune
Matthew A. Henson
Meta Warwick Fuller
Muhammed Ali
Nat Turner
Nelson Mandela
Norbert Rillieux
Olmec Head
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Paul Robeson
Percy Lavon Julian
Pharaoh Khufu
Pharaoh Menes
Pharaoh Tutankhamen
Pharaoh Tuthmosis III
Pharaoh Zoser
Queen Amina
Queen Nzinga

Queen Tiye
Rev. Leon Sullivan
Robert S. Abbott
Robert Scott Smalls
Robert Vann
Sgt. Major Christian A. Fleetwood
Sgt. William H. Carney
Sojourner Truth
Sunni Ali Ber
Three Astromoner Priestesses
Thurgood Marshall
William Blackwell
William Bronson
William Gray III
William Pickett
Yah Asantewa


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