Advertise is one of the World’s Oldest & Largest Black-Owned Websites with over 200 pages of useful information, pictures, products and articles that are of interest to black buyers and business owners. Our parent company, The Satin Group, has been involved in all aspects of the internet since 1997.

These days you can’t go anywhere without hearing about the Internet. More and more people are using the Web every day and are turning to it as a resource for information as well as a place to shop. But for advertisers, it’s like the Wild, Wild West out there – so many Web Sites, so many choices. Often, companies must spend money needlessly on Internet Advertising because it is so hard to target their particular demographic audience. That’s where we come in !

We have the customers you want to reach ! If your company currently benefits from print, TV, and/or radio advertising direct to the high end consumer, then you will certainly benefit from an advertising program on our site ! is of interest to a very select, high quality demographic group. Since we’ve been on the Internet for 6 years, our site is extensively linked to every major search engine on the Net – often appearing in the top 10 listings – making it very easy to find by black business owners and consumers. Our site gets great national exposure from direct mail, banner ads, email – and is a proven money maker and a true leader in this industry with millions of visitors each year !

  • We are THE Global Standard for online communities of resources for progressive, minority consumers and black owned businesses.
  • We have helped professionals achieve their goals since March of 1997.
  • Our audience is highly diverse, well-educated, influential, and progressive.
  • Subscriber Growth and Traffic Continues to Accelerate.
  • We boast a Highly Diverse Viewer and Subscriber Base: (Asians, Hispanics, African-Americans, women and other minority groups from 93 countries)
  • Our opt-in Monthly Newsletter reaches over 50,000 people.
  • We’re focused on Value and Relevance when selecting new content.
  • Fresh articles, content, resources, jobs, events, e- Newsletters constantly attract new subscribers.
  • We are continually investing in alliances and P/R to increase traffic to our network.
  • Every 1,000 impressions give you far more Black corporate decision makers, more Black vice- presidents, General Managers, and IT professionals than the online average.
  • Black-Network’s trusted, reliable content attracts a powerful, educated, and more upscale audience.

If your success depends on reaching this segment of the population,
our site gives you more!

We offer very competitive rates for companies of all sizes – for ads specifically delivered to a very high end, high quality demographic group. is visited by black consumers and business owners from 93 different countries. Statistically, this is a very high quality demographic audience – one that many advertisers are trying to reach.

Our Demographics:

  • Sex Female – 55% Male – 45%
  • Average Age 28
  • Age Range 18 – 65
  • Occupations: Management, Technical, Professional
  • College Educated 85%
  • Eat out more than once a week: 67%
  • Read a novel in the last month 62%

If you market to the African American community or require a high end demographic, then you should definitely advertise on our Web Site !’s Advertising Packages & Rates

When compared to other forms of advertising, our rates are very reasonable for the amount of targeted exposure you get. You can place a Banner Ad that will appear randomly throughout our Web Pages or you can also choose to position your banner on a Premium Area of our Web Site. As a Sponsor of a Premium advertisement, your message is displayed continuously on the page of your choice or randomly throughout an area or areas of our site. If you have a website, we will link your ad to it for free. We have ads for any sized company.

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